Client & Colleague Testimonials

Lorenzo Alexander, LB Buffalo Bills


"On my journey from a shy, soft-spoken college football player to a seasoned NFL veteran whom the media looks to for insight, Brian has been an invaluable mentor every step of the way. I've never met anybody who understands the media's agenda and how to win the media game better than Brian. He's made me a better communicator in all aspects of my life."

Ann Notarangelo, Anchor CBS-5 San Francisco


"I always take the call when I see Brian's name on Caller ID. He does his homework and not only understands the kinds of stories that make good TV, but always makes life easier for our time-harried reporters by scouting compelling interview subjects, great locations for shooting, and even B-roll opportunities. Brian is a pro's pro - and just a lot of fun to work with."

Suzanne Bateson, CEO Alameda Co. Food Bank


"We took a risk with Brian because he had an independent streak which we weren't sure would jibe with our organizational culture. But he quickly exceeded all of our expectations by thrusting us onto a national media stage and vastly improving our messaging. He gained the respect and affection of the entire organization, from board members to hourly employees."

Alexander Zwissler, CEO Chabot Space & Science


"Brian was able to come in and very quickly do a deep dive of our organization. Scientists as a rule are often introverted, but Brian was able to get our astronomers to buy in to media training and, soon enough, those scientists became compelling, enthusiastic, public-facing representaives for our organization."

Reena Jadhav, Principal Venture Investments


"Tech ventures invariably wait until they've sailed clear of startup waters to begin honing their message. I've found Brian to be invaluable in the early stages because of his expertise in creating a voice that employees and investors can rally around. He's a superstar at translating obtuse concepts into actionable prose."

Jean Quan, Former Mayor City of Oakland


"Speechwriting eventually becomes a beast of burden for all politicians. Brian Higgins could very easily be writing speeches at the highest level, if he so chose. But he loves nothing better than crafting the perfect speech to inspire grassroots movements, and there's nobody better at it."

Don Coulter, Former Editor Oakland Tribune


"From Day One, Brian staked his claim as our lead college football writer. He possesses an insatiable curiousity and one of the most creatively fertile minds I've come across. He was able to earn the trust of guarded athletes and mine excellent, insightful quotes in all his stories. Add that to a ton of talent as a writer and you have all the ingredients of a great journalist."

Scott Monserud, Editor Denver Post


"I was so smart that i hired Brian twice -- once as an undergrad in Illinois and a dozen years later as our NFL writer in Dallas. He's a passionate guy who rubs off on everyone around him, be it colleagues, his interview subjects or the guys down in the press room. Plus, two years after I'd given up, Brian taught my daughter to ride a bike in one afternoon."

Andre Desalvo, Producer KTVU Oakland


"I'd like to take the credit, but Brian instinctively understood the difference being telling a story in print and writing it for the air. In addition, he saved us a lot of manpower by directing the programs he hosted. That's tough even for a seasoned broadcaster. Best of all, there were no ego issues. He was great at keeping everyone focused AND loose on tight deadlines."