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Hills & Hops: Climb. Descend. Drink.

Hills & Hops was designed to introduce you to the world-class regional, state and national parks in the Bay Area -- and then to sacrifice all those burnt calories to the beer gods at one of the breweries or brewpubs that has made Northern California the epicenter of the craft beer movement.

Oddcast: The characters behind the Madness.

Oddcast 6 (2019): The Journalists

What happens when I get a Pulitzer Prize-winning, New York Times multiple best-selling author in the booth with one of the most innovative sports journalism professors in America to discuss March Madness, the deadly game of concussions, and the legalization of sports gambling? Only one way to find out.

Southern California NPR Report

Earthquake flashbacks, smoky grapes and ghostly roads

As wildfires closed in on Napa and its $6 billion annual wine industry from all sides, Brian Patrick Higgins set about finding the most compelling stories of a town in peril.

Radio DePaul: A Prodigal Son Returns

The Dark Side of the Moan

Radio DePaul is an a pioneering streaming service among college radio stations. But in 1980, WDPU was a broom closet broadcasting to a speakers in the university's dorms and cafeteria. Brian Patrick Higgins, a deejay for WDPU in the start-up days, returns to the booth while in Chicago to promote his hilarious memoir, A Good Look Before Dark. Brian shares a sordid passage of a legendary character from WDPU's early days: a female deejay who masturbated on the air to Pink Floyd.